Teresa Giudice's Haircare Line Name to be Revealed Soon. Obv, the Suspense is Killing Us

(Courtesy Create Great Hair) What will Teresa Giudice's haircare line be called?

One of our favorite Real Housewives of all time, Teresa Giudice, just keeps churning out the licensing deals and special projects. She's a machine and we love it!

Giudice's latest entrepreneurial endeavor? Haircare.

She's teamed up with Long Island hair product guru Jerel James Sabella (um, paging Andy Cohen, we can't believe there isn't already a Real Housewives of Long Island series in development) to create a haircare line that will "nourish, repair, and protect hair from damage caused by heat-styling tools," says a press statement that just went out today.

So how long until we get the buy the magical Giudice hair juice? Well, we're not really sure. But what we do know is that Teresa is set to reveal the chosen name and new website of her haircare line this Wednesday, July 18th.

What do you think Teresa Giudice's new haircare line will be called? We've heard rumors of everything from "Diamante" to "Teresa G" to "Milania & Gia." Tell us what you know (or wish!) in the comments, below.
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