Eau de Celebrity: The Newest Star Fragrances

Nicki Minaj (Getty), Dita Von Teese (FameFlynet), Madonna (Getty), Lady Gaga (PacificCoastNews)

Ah, the sweet smell of success! Nothing says you've achieved celebrity status like a signature scent. Fragrances are a heady business these days and on Tuesday it was announced that Nicki Minaj would be the latest to join the likes of Heidi Klum, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Sarah Jessica Parker and dozens of other VIPs who've flooded the market with their eau de toilettes and parfums.

Let's take a look at some of the more recent star scent launches along with some intriguing upcoming options. 

Selena Gomez involved her fans in every aspect of the creation of her debut scent, which will be available in mid-May exclusively at Macy's. While she picked her favorite notes, she held a contest to let voters narrow them down into what became the handful of top, middle and drydown notes in the finalized fragrance. The bottle, according to WWD, takes the shape of "a swirly purple gown," also a favorite with fans. 

Rihanna launched her first fragrance, Reb'l Fleur, in January 2011. The "Bad feels so good,"  tagline for this "defiantly sexy" scent suits the risque singer so well we thought it was a song title at first. Rebelle, the companion fragrance, arrived this spring, and the newer scent is touted as reflecting "the exhilarating whirl" of Rihanna's life.

Dita Von Teese, glamour-girl extraordinaire, is set to launch her eponymous fragrance in the UK this month (no love for the US market yet). The scent is meant to evoke the style icon's naughty/glam vibe, and is apparently worthy of adjectives like, "elegant, glamorous, sophisticated, sexy, dark, and mysterious."

Lady Gaga's "blood and semen-scented" (eww) fragrance has been the subject of well-deserved speculation. When pressed for further details, the Born This Way superstar quipped, "No, no, no. Actually the perfume smells like an expensive hooker." Still ambiguous, but luckily inquiring noses and Monsters won't have to wait much longer to sample the bound-to-be unusual brew—the fragrance should be available later this year.

Madonna's new Truth or Dare was more than a decade in the making. The revered pop star has been hugely influential in the realm of fashion for years, so it should come as no surprise she's long harbored an interest in creating her own scent. "I've been trying to develop a fragrance for the last 15 or 16 years." Instyle reported the sweet inspiration for the gardenia-laden scent was Madonna's late mother.

Like Rihanna, pop star Katy Perry has also come out with two fragrances. Purr and Meow are both available in cat-shaped bottles (perfect for Katycats) with faux jewel-encrusted eyes. The idea behind both eau de parfums? According to Gigantic Parfums' CEO Isaac Lekach, "Distilling Katy's personal style for her own fragrance was the ultimate goal." 
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