Caboodles is Re-Releasing its First Case!

(Photo courtesy of Caboodles)

The '80s were a great time in beauty history. We coveted Cindy Crawford's bold cheeks; Madonna's crimped coif inspired clouds of Aqua Net to hang smoggy over our big hair; and—the best part—Caboodles was born!

To celebrate the 25th birthday of the carrier that once so conveniently held all our Lip Smackers and scrunchies, Caboodles is re-releasing its original 1987 pastel cosmetics case.

(Photo courtesy of Caboodles)

Aptly named "My First Love"—Boy Meets World heartthrob Shawn Hunter wasn't around until 1993—1,000 of the limited-edition cases ($25) will be up for grabs on Caboodles' Facebook page starting September 1st.

Now where did we stash those old friendship bracelets, again?

Did you own a Caboodles case back in the day? We so did! And will you try your luck at nabbing one of the original designs come September? Let us know in the comments.