Beauty Obsession of the Day: Kiehl's New Rosa Arctica Lightweight Cream

If you have dry skin, you'll probably have heard of Kiehl's Rosa Artica cream—one of the most amazing anti-aging face creams to launch last year. The now-cult-favorite moisturizer harnesses the science behind the Resurrection Flower (Haberlea Rhodopensis) to provide continuous hydration—in the winter, it's the only face cream that stays put on our faces through full days and nights in the dry indoor heat.

This month, Kiehl's launches Rosa Arctica Lightweight Cream—great for oilier skin types—and Rosa Arctica Eye.

"Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to the original Rosa Arctica formula, it was important for us to meet the needs of our customers—those seeking anti-aging benefits but who have normal to oily skin or are seeking a lighter formula in warmer climates," Kiehl's USA President Chris Salgardo said. "This formula allows us to offer the same biomimicry science of the efficacious 'Resurrection Flower' regardless of skin type."

There aren't a lot of products out there that we can vouch for, but Kiehl's Rosa Arctica original cream is one we've recommended to friends countless times! We're excited to use the lightweight version in the summer and fall. Have you tried the new formula? Tell us what you think!

What are your go-to solutions for dry skin in the winter? Leave your tips in the comments section, below.
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