Jennifer Aniston Gets a 'Makeover' From Ellen

(Photo via YouTube)

Jennifer Aniston looks, uh, pretty after getting dolled up by Ellen DeGeneres. (YouTube)
The Ellen DeGeneres Show is gearing up for its 10th (!) season, and the bubbly hostess we've all come to love has still got it—her incredibly hilarious beauty advice, that is. (Ed note: It's one of the many reasons we think she makes a kick-A CoverGirl spokesmodel.)

As seen in the below clip for the show's season premiere, Ellen shows off her styling prowess by sprucing up a giggly Jennifer Aniston. As Jen puts it, "Ellen takes care of you from the moment you get here." Oh boy, and does she...

We couldn't help but notice that Ellen uses some, um, rather interesting methods of preparing Jen for the camera, like arm swiffering, hair lint-rolling, and—uh how do we put this—butt vacuuming. See for yourself:

We all know Ellen's makeover style isn't exactly the most conventional approach ever—Remember when she helped beautify fellow CoverGirl Sofia Vergara? But we gotta say, the gal knows how to make us laugh!

Any of you out there Ellen fans, too? What are some of your favorite beauty and fashion moments from the show? Share with us!