#FF - 7 Beauty Editors With Gorgeous Instagrams

(Photos via Instagram)

It's Friday again. Woot! If you're looking to squeeze in a little extra "me time" this Labor Day—really, isn't that what long weekends are for?—who better to look to for beauty inspiration than the women who are surrounded by the stuff 24/7?

From immaculate how-did-they-do-that braids to pretty polish ideas, follow these seven Instagrams for gorgeous images, behind-the-scenes snaps, and photos of what beauty editors do in their spare time. (Hint: You can guarantee it's something fabulous.)

@Alyssahertzig - Alyssa Hertzig, Shape Beauty Director: Like Hertzig, we share an obsession for all things studded, spotted, and sparkly. Maybe that's why we (and 1,400 other followers) can't get enough of all the magnetic pics she posts.

@HMuir - Heather Muir, Fitness Beauty Director: From eye candy (like the pumped-up pigments, above) to actual candy (who doesn't like treats) Muir's Instagram satisfies our sweet teeth—yes, multiple—in every single way possible.

@KelliAcciardo - Kelli Acciardo, Seventeen Fashion & Beauty Editor: Acciardo's Instagram feed is like our own personal Pinterest board for nail art inspo. We want to re-create all of her digit designs. Neons, metallics, glitters, and prints—no polish trend escapes her clutch.

@AprilFranzino - April Franzino, SELF Beauty Editor: Beauty isn't just found in a bottle or a can—it surrounds us everywhere. And Franzino captures it all on her account. Mixed in among photos of immaculate blowouts and colorful eyeshadow palettes, you'll find pics of breathtaking bouquets and bold blossoms.

@CarlyCardellino - Carly Cardellino, Cosmopolitan Online Beauty & Fashion Editor: What's it like to work at one of the wildest women's lifestyle magazines? A whole lot of fun from the looks of it! Cardellino's account is filled with "backstage" shots of the glossy's office—is that Edward Cullen we see?—and, of course, lots and lots of beauty products. Don't you wish your desk looked like that?

@Catquinn - Catherine Q. O'Neill, Allure Assistant Editor: Full disclosure—the incredible Ms. O'Neill was my first roommate upon moving to NYC, and the girl I blame for turning me into a compulsive hair product junkie. (Not mad about it!) You will too after scanning through her hundreds of stunning snaps. Just try not to get a case of major hair envy. (It's hard!)

@ElaineWelteroth - Elaine Welteroth, Glamour Senior Beauty Editor: If you've ever wondered what beauty editors do in their spare time, Welteroth's Instagram is there to share. In between getting glitter manis and testing out the season's hottest makeup hues, she's out on the town living the good life with her closest pals.

Who else are some of your favorite beauty eds on Instagram? Share your picks in the comments below!