Tanning Marketing vs. Tobacco Marketing, Are They Similar? Let's Discuss

(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images North America) Snooki promotes her tanning lotion line.

"Tan Mom" Patricia Krentcil (PacificCoastNews.com)
If even "Tan Mom" finally shelved her fake-bake lotions for good, you'd think the tanning industry would give it up with the sneaky tanning-is-good-for-you marketing ploys. But it hasn't.

According to an article on FairWarning.org—a non-profit organization that reports on health, safety, and corporate conduct—the tanning industry is continuing to villainize doctors for advising against getting your orange-bronze on.

The report also cites the tanning industy's marketing practices—such as training salon technicians to tell clients the benefits of Vitamin D—strangely resemble the practices of another once-trendy industry that has since been proved as health-harming.

"The industry has also gone on the offensive using tactics that appear cribbed from Big Tobacco’s playbook to undermine scientific research and fund advocacy groups that serve the industry’s interests,"
the report states.

Hmmm... they do seem wildly similar, don't they? And with melanoma cases on the rise—up 50 percent since 1980!—there's definitely something to be said here.

What do you think about FairWarning's callout? Do you think they're right on the money in comparing tanning to tobacco—or do you think its a bit of a stretch?

Also we'd love to hear your thoughts on tanning in general. Let's discuss in the comments!