Rumormongering: Don't Expect to Give Tim Tebow a Haircut if You Curse

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(Getty Images) Tim Tebow
It's pretty much common knowledge that New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow is quite the religious guy—even if you're not into sports you know this thanks to the likes of the "Tebowing" phenomenon. But who would have thought the football star's wholesome ways would end up affecting his beauty regime?

According to a report in the Huffington Post, Tebow visited the ritzy Chris McMillan salon in Beverly Hills this weekend to get his short strands in shape for tonight's ESPY Awards. He didn't ask for any typical trim, though. His strange request: A hair stylist who doesn't curse.

Um, to this we ask, is there some kind of ongoing pottymouth problem at salons (swanky ones, mind you) that we're not aware of? Sure, we all value that serene spa experience when getting a fresh cut, but was this reeeeally necessary to request?

At least we have another reason to check out hot athletes in suits tonight. Sigh.