Stop the Presses! Tan Mom Has Stopped Tanning

OMG: Tan Mom stopped tanning. (
Tan Mom Patricia Krentcil, aka the mom who was charged with endangering her 6-year-old daughter by allegedly taking her tanning, will soon become Half-Baked Mom.

Why, you ask?

According to Jezebel Tan Mom has stopped tanning.

The site reports that Krentcil has accepted In Touch magazine's challenge to stay away from bronzing beds for an entire month (!). Before accepting this challenge, Tan Mom had been baking an average four to five times a week.

But wait, there's a catch—Tan Mom has insisted on using Jergens' self-tanner during her one-month-long frying fast.

"I feel weird and pale," Krentchil told the gossip magazine.

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