DIY Idea: Shark Week Nail Art

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the Discovery Channel's Shark Week, we were inspired to create some seriously dangerous digits with FingerPaints striping polishes ($3.49 each at—a collection of nail colors that come in thicker formulations and with super-thin brushes, perfect for nailing intricate designs.

Here's how you can recreate the jagged jaws for yourself:

1. Paint all of your nails blue.
Blue for ocean. Pretty self-explanatory. We chose a classic bright blue, OPI's "No Room for the Blues," and applied two coats of it to every nail.

2. Paint a gray oval on your thumb.
Make sure the blue is dry before you begin. On your thumb (or another finger of your choosing, the thumb is the widest so it's easiest to use for the shark face) paint an oblong oval with a nice opaque gray. For our shark head, we went with Essie's "Chinchilly."

3. Paint a smaller white oval inside of the grey one.
Once the gray is dry, use a white striper (like FingerPaints "Hip Hip Hue-Ray!") to create an even smaller oval inside of the first one. It should almost look like the top three-quarters of an egg. This will eventually become those razor-sharp jaws! Warning: watch out for hidden glops. Since the formula is thick, make sure all excess polish drips down into the bottle before applying, especially when doing some of the smaller details later on.

4. Use a red striper to make a jagged-edge oval inside the white one.

Now that you have the shark's head and the base for the jaws, you need the inside of the mouth. Use a red striper similar to FingerPaints "Restoration Red" to create a zig-zagged oval within the white circle. This will—you guessed it—create those crazy chompers. We suggest starting with the hard part: painting a zig-zag outline along the outer edge of the white. Then, once that's done, fill in the rest.

5. Make two small dots in a dark color.

All that's left are the eyes! Use any dark color—we used a shimmery FingerPaints green called "Art Hue Feeling Young?"—to create two tiny dots on the sides of the grey oval. You want them to be far apart, since a sharks eyes are on the sides of its head, but not too wide.

6. On the other fingers, use a white striper to paint wispy lines.
Now for the easy part: waves! Take the white striper and paint wispy curved lines on the rest of your fingers.

7. Once the white is dry, use a dark blue to paint wispy lines.

To give the waves some depth, take the darker blue striper used earlier for the eyes and mimic the movement of the white with it.

8. Apply topcoat and you're done!

Rawr! Not going to lie, we're feeling pretty fierce.

Want more Shark Week inspired nail art? Check out Executive Editor Danica Lo's dangerous (and adorable!) digit below:

Still not satisfied? Watch this Shark Week preview, and be sure to check it out all day, every day, on the Discovery Channel!

Do you have any cool nail art ideas to share? Let us know in the comments!