Rachel Zoe is Opening a Hair Salon

Rachel Zoe is Opening a Hair Salon
(Getty) The many hairstyles of Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe is Opening a Hair Salon
Rachel Zoe is opening a hair salon in New York (Getty)
Of all the things to envy about Rachel Zoe—her amazing career, her to-die-for wardrobe, her celebrity client list, her adorable family, her reality television show—perhaps one of our all-time favorite things about the celeb stylist is her amazing head of hair. Zoe's got a perfect honey-blonde mane that she styles all different ways—straight, curly, beachy, sleek.

If you've ever coveted Rachel Zoe's hairstyle, well, now you can get it, easy peasy.

This fall, Zoe will open DreamDry, her first-ever salon, in New York's Flatiron neighborhood. DreamDry will offer "unprecedented, highly personalized services" including the "ultimate blowout," according to a report in People StyleWatch.

"To me, hair should be considered an accessory—it changes by event, season, mood," she said. "With DreamDry, we are creating a place where women can go to ensure that their hair is consistently as stylish and chic as they are."

What do you think about Rachel Zoe's latest business venture? Would you go to a salon owned by Zoe to get her hairstyle? Tell us in the comments section, below!
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