High-Fashion Short Hairstyles From the Runway

By Tanya Leigh Washington on
(Imax Tree)Fall is approaching at rapid speed and there is no better way to start the year's most fashionable season than with a new haircut. Tempted to make a big chop? Or simply want to spice up your look? From pixies to bobs, we gathered the most fabulous short 'dos from the Fall 2012 shows to give you some edgy style inspiration. Peruse our top 11 picks and tell us your favorite in the comments below!1. Lanvin's Choppy Bangs 2. Pringle of Scotland's Messy Pixie 3. Nicole Miller's Sleek A...Read Full Story

DIY Idea: Shark Week Nail Art

By Lauren Frankfort on
In honor of the 25th anniversary of the Discovery Channel's Shark Week, we were inspired to create some seriously dangerous digits with FingerPaints striping polishes ($3.49 each at—a collection of nail colors that come in thicker formulations and with super-thin brushes, perfect for nailing intricate designs.Here's how you can recreate the jagged jaws for yourself:1. Paint all of your nails blue. Blue for ocean. Pretty self-explanatory. We chose a classic bright blue, OPI's...Read Full Story

Watch: Lady Gaga's Fragrance Trailer. It's a Doozy.

By Lauren Frankfort on
(YouTube) This morning, Lady Gaga unveiled a NSFW-ish trailer for her soon-to-be-released perfume "Fame"—and it's even more absurd than the campaign image Haus of Gaga released a few weeks back—you know, the one with little men crawling all over her naked body? Featuring a lot of black ooze and scantily clad man-slave-types, the 30-second vid is like a darker version of Gaga's super-popular "Bad Romance" video. Here, she emerges from a tub filled with an unidentified dark liquid, wears...Read Full Story

But What About @Mileys_Bun's Twitter Account?

By Lauren Frankfort on
(Photo via Chris McMillan)After last night's news that Miley Cyrus chopped her locks, it seemed like all was lost for the songstress' signature bun's Twitter site, @Mileys_Bun. Yes, you heard us right—Miley's bun has a twitter account—with more than 24,000 followers, to boot!Yet @Mileys_bun lives on, post-chop. So, what happened after @Mileys_bun was cut loose? Let's just say the tweets follow the Kubler-Ross model of grief, or the five-stages of grief, precisely: denial, anger, bargaining...Read Full Story

BREAKING: Miley Cyrus Chopped Off All Her Hair

By Danica Lo on
(via Twitter)Breaking Hair News: following a bleaching earlier this week, Miley Cyrus has gone ahead and chopped off all her hair!The songstress tweeted these two photos—above, and below—this evening (while we were all watching the Spice Girls reunion at the 2012 London Olympics Closing Ceremony).Cyrus followed her Twitpics with a statement: "Never felt more me in my whole life."What do you think of Miley Cyrus' new hairstyle? Do you love it or loathe it? Vote in our poll below.All of this...Read Full Story

Snooki's New Lipstick, Snookilicious, is Now Available for Pre-Order

By Danica Lo on
Snooki's new lipstick, Snookilicious (via Ka'oir Cosmetics)Finally, the day has come! Nicole Polizzi—aka Snooki's—brand-new lipstick is now available for purchase. Yes, that's right ladies and gentlemen—if you've ever wanted a pout like Polizzi, today's your lucky day.Snooki's new lipstick is a joint venture between the pint-sized reality star (and soon-to-be mommy) and Ka'oir Cosmetics, a company that seems to specialize in bright and bold color cosmetics. Snooki's custom shade...Read Full Story

Syfy's Amazing Makeup Show 'Face Off' Returns August 21st—Check Out These Befores & Afters

By Danica Lo on
One of the most amazing TV show press kits ever landed on our desks this morning—from Syfy, promoting season three of its amazing makeup reality show, Face Off. Um, have you ever watched this show? We just got sucked into an hour of compulsively clicking through Face Off transformation clips on YouTube.Face Off sees a group of special-effects makeup artists competing, week after week, in a series of elaborate challenges. As in, they make people go from this (left), to this (right):Is your...Read Full Story

Isaac Mizrahi Will Launch His First Fragrance, 'Fabulous,' This September on QVC

By Danica Lo on
(Getty) Isaac Mizrahi, left, with his new fragrance, FabulousToday in we-can't-believe-it-took-this-long news, the amazing Isaac Mizrahi has announced he will make his first foray into fragrance—and that a color cosmetics collection may not be far behind.According to a report in WWD this morning, Mizrahi will launch 'Fabulous,' a fruity, floral, vanilla scent—with notes of mandarin, nectarine, bergamot, jasmine, tuberose, freesia, peony, sandalwood, vanilla, and cedar (whew!)—on QVC September...Read Full Story

MAC By Request Brings Back 9 Discontinued Favorites—Eyeshadows, Lipglass, and Lipstick

By Danica Lo on
Don't you hate it when you finally find a perfect shade of lipstick, or an eyeshadow that's just right—and the cosmetics company discontinues it?MAC By Request to the rescue!Earlier this year, MAC asked its customers to vote on which discontinued shades of eyeshadow, lipstick, and Lipglass to bring back to market—and we have the results of the vote right here!(Images courtesy MAC)Eyeshadows: MAC is reviving (from l-r) Guacamole, a light green frost with gold pearl; Jete, a sandy coral pearl...Read Full Story

Stop the Presses! Tan Mom Has Stopped Tanning

By Lauren Frankfort on
( Tan Mom Patricia Krentcil, aka the mom who was charged with endangering her 6-year-old daughter by allegedly taking her tanning, will soon become Half-Baked Mom. Why, you ask?According to Jezebel Tan Mom has stopped tanning.The site reports that Krentcil has accepted In Touch magazine's challenge to stay away from bronzing beds for an entire month (!). Before accepting this challenge, Tan Mom had been baking an average four to five times a week.But wait, there's a...Read Full Story