Fabulous Finds: 5 Awesome Fashion and Beauty Products that Glow in the Dark

There's nothing like finding some seriously funky fashion to brighten up our afternoons. These Dazzle Glow In The Dark Wellies, which are available at Topshop for a mere $52, are doing just that—literally.

Aside from an dark street or a room with no lights on (but why would you be wearing them inside anyway?) we really don't see their practical purpose. But, you can brag to your friends that you have glow-in-the-dark rainboots, and, I mean, who doesn't want to brag to their friends about that?

For those die-hard glow fans, here are a few other glow in the dark products that will make your heart jump and your body, well, glow:

1. Cooperative Glow in the Dark Summer Sundress, $20.

Why should your feet get all the fun? This sundress, available at Urban Outfitters, will definitely make you the life of any dark-lit party. Not a believer? Check out this demo video for proof:

2. Forever 21 Love & Beauty Neon Green Nail Polish, $3.

If you aren't the type that would wear head-to-toe glow, nail polish is a great and subtle way to let the light shine.

3. Urban Outfitters Glow in the Dark Sunglasses, $14.

With these sunglasses, you can actually wear your sunglasses at night.

4.  Hot Topic Zebra Suspenders, $10.

We had to.