How To Succeed: Career Advice From Kate Moss

(Photo by Getty Images)

Kate Moss (Getty)
Kate Moss is, without question, one of the most iconic supermodels in history—but her advice for up-and-comers isn't exactly what you'd expect.

In fact, it'll probably get you canned.

In a recent interview with The Sun, British DJ and radio show host Nick Grimshaw told the tabloid Kate the Great offered him some, um, questionable words of wisdom when he landed his new gig.

According to Grimshaw, her two-cents went a little something like this:
"What you wanna do, darling, is do what I do. Sometimes I go to work. Sometimes I go to work hungover. Sometimes I don’t turn up at all. People love that. They don’t know what to expect."
Uh, something tells us that wouldn't work quite so well for the typical 9-to-5'ers? What do you think?