Nobody Wanted Elvis Presley's Dirty Underpants. Sad Face.

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Rock 'N' Roll legend Elvis Presley left an epic mark on music history—and also on his underpants.

We're confused as to why exactly his soiled and stained briefs are considered a collectors' item, and even more astounded that the proud owner of the briefs put them up for auction—with a $10,000 minimum bid!

Here's a picture of said party pants. We hope you have a strong stomach...

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All together now, "Ewwwwww!"

Surprisingly, the dirty duds—which The King wore under his famous white jumpsuit during a 1977 concert performance—attracted bids of up to $7,500 (we mean, really?) but nobody was willing to pay the full price.

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What do you think about this, um, interesting piece of fashion memorabilia? Would you ever pay $10,000 for dirty undies—even if smear stain belonged to The King of Rock 'N' Roll? Do tell in the comments below!