Coming Soon: Fifty Shades of Grey, uh, Panties?

Well here's a product tie-in that makes perfect sense—sort of, in kind of a dirty, squeamish, a-little-bit-uncomfortable way. E.L. James, author of runaway bestselling fan-fiction series Fifty Shades of Grey, has just inked a deal with CopCorp Licensing to produce a line of Fifty Shades of Grey clothing—including T-shirts, hoodies, pajamas, pantyhose, and underwear.

According to a report in TMZ, the apparel will be sold at Freeze Clothing, the hosiery will be sold at HYP, and the sleepwear and underwear will be sold by a company called Briefly Stated.

No news yet on whether the clothes and underwear will be BDSM-themed—and whether the legwear will be bondage-y. 

Would you buy Fifty Shades of Grey branded clothing and underwear? Is this a brand logo you'd wear splashed across your chest? Tell us in the comments!
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