Get Your Very Own Limited-Edition 'Muscle Man Marc' Jacobs South Park Doll... For $125

Remember earlier this year when designer Marc Jacobs made a cameo on South Park as "Muscle Man Marc"—a doll belonging to Eric Cartman? The episode , which aired during season 15 of the long-running Comedy Central cartoon series, was all about the 1%—and the Muscle Man Marc scene shows Cartman boo-hooing to a rapt audience of his toys... about being a rich kid (life=hard).

Well, looks like Marc Jacobs really got a kick out of his appearance on the show—the designer recently released a "Muscle Man Marc" 12" doll, which you can now buy on for $125.

Yes, a Muscle Man Marc of your very own. Add that to the list of things we didn't know we needed until right this minute.

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