Would You Pay $24,800 for a Watch Designed by Nina Garcia?

From left to right: Frederic Fekkai's Custom Daytona, Brad Goreski's customized Milgauss, and Nina Garcia's customized Yachtmaster. (Via Moda Operandi)

Nina Garcia is a woman of many ventures, and her latest made us do a double-take.

Garcia, along with other famous fashion folks such as the lovable Brad Goreski, legendary hair-master Frédéric Fekkai, and photographer behind the Jak & Jil blog Tommy Ton each designed their very-own customized Rolex watches for a Moda Operandi trunk show for Bamford Watch Company.

And you'd never guess how much these one-of-a-kind timepieces cost (the dollar sign signifier on Seamless Web would read $$$$$$).

Garcia's sleek black Yachtmaster will be a whopping $24,800 as will Fekkai's. For the bright yellow-faced Rolex Goreski designed, you'd have to shell out a total of $15,200. Ton's Explorer is a little bit less, $14,400.
Tommy Ton's Rolex. (via Moda Operandi)

For more, (or to purchase if you feel so inclined) check out the full collection—which also includes model Jessica Hart—on Moda Operandi. The watches are available until August 23 at 11 pm. 

What do you think of the fashion insider-designed Rolex watches? Let us know in the comments!