Alice + Olivia Designer Stacey Bendet: It's all About the American Dream


For lots of people in Europe and the USA, August is synonymous with vacation—but not for fashion designers! With the unveiling of new spring collections just around the corner, most industry folks are scrambling to make sure their September shows will go off without a hitch.

In today's Page Six, Alice + Olivia designer Stacey Bendet—nickname StaceyPants, for her great pants—explained how she, uh, explained this to her hubby, Eric Eisner.

"My husband is like, 'I don't understand why we can't go away for August,' and I'm like, 'Because it's the worst month of my life,'" she said.

What can we expect from Bendet's newest Alice + Olivia collection? From what Bendet says, it's going to be all-American—all about the American Dream, in fact.

"I think sometimes people get so caught up in hating things, you forget all the incredible things that are coming out of this country," she said.

Amen to that.

Are you guys fans of Alice + Olivia? Tell us what you love most about the brand in the comments, below! We're so excited to see Alice + Olivia's new spring collection!
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