Weigh Before You Buy: Style-Passport Helps You Avoid Baggage Overage Fees

Have you ever gotten to the check-in desk at the airport and been forced to repack—or worse, dump!—some of your stuff because your luggage is overweight? Well, here's an e-commerce solution that might be right up your street.

Today in why-didn't-we-think-of-this-first ideas: e-commerce site Style-Passport.com weighs all the stuff in your shopping cart before you buy it—so you'll know ahead of time if all those lovely duds you're buying for vacay will make it onto the plane!

"Far too often we are all caught out at the airport with extra fees because of excess charges and we are trying to make sure this is a thing of the past," founder Sarah Walter told the Daily Mail. "It seems that these are avoidable charges and we are trying to make sure they remain avoidable by doing homework for our customers. Whatever you need for your holiday is on the site with its weight clearly displayed to make sure you are absolutely clear about how much you are carrying."

Style-Passport sells brands including Prada, Joie, Missoni, Current/Elliott, Splendid, Ella Moss, and Matthew Williamson. In addition to the weights of individual garments, the site also includes a bunch of really handy travel tips—like how to wear a silk sarong seven different ways—and a nifty comparison chart of baggage allowances at different airlines:

Would you consider shopping at Style-Passport? How important is the weight of garments to you when you're going on vacation?

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