Dwyane Wade's Stylist Reveals the Secrets Behind His Signature Style


Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade isn't just a star on the basketball court—off the court he's well-known for his signature sartorial stylings, a regular at fashion weeks around the world, and a friend of industry insiders.

Dwyane's stylist, Calyann Barnett, spoke to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel about dressing the sports superstar. Turns out some of his favorite labels are Tom Ford, Yves Saint Laurent, and Gucci. It also sounds like Dwyane has very clear ideas about how he wants to dress each season. Here are some of the best bits from the Sun-Sentinel Q&A .

(Getty) Dwyane Wade with Dean and Dan Caten of DSquared2

According to Calyann, this year's look has been all about suits.

"After four years he trusts me," she says. "I give him both a casual look and more formal look. For home games he tends to be more relaxed. But I give him both."

And despite having official baller status, Dwyane isn't a loose cannon when it comes to spending.

"I have definitely have a budget," Calyann tells the Sun-Sentinel. "Of course I can't discuss it, but it is a set budget that we have for the year. No one wants to be that person who spent all their money on clothes. Everyone thinks he hasn't worn the same outfit twice. That's the point of having a stylist...to take the looks and mix it up."

(Getty) Dwyane Wade with Vogue's Grace Coddington

As for Dwyane's current obsessions (besides suits)?

"Right now he's big on eyewear," Calyann says. "He loves his eyewear. He likes double-breasted blazers. And he's very big on color; pinks and purples. Not many guys can pull that off. So it's fun to play with that and it can't be copied. He's always ahead of the curve and we want to keep it that way."

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