Controversial Garment of the Day: Spider-Man in a Quilted Down Coat

Controversial Garment of the Day: Spider-Man in a Quilted Down Coat

Sure, it's 90 degrees and balmy-humid August outside here in New York City, but we're already on the hunt for winter coats—it might sound crazy, but fall fashion is really cut-throat and we want to make sure we get first dibs. Seriously. We know some industry insiders who start shopping for winter gear in July. True story.

Anyway, we were sifting through the virtual rails at Luisa Via Roma, one of our favorite online luxury retailers, we came across this Ai Riders of the Storm jacket.

Holy quilted Spidey-mask, Spiderman!

This women's puffa is priced at $492 and comes with a detachable, uh, Spiderman mask—a hood with air holes at nose and ears with (here's the best part) a detachable pom pom. The goggle lenses are detachable and interchangeable—good for different skiing conditions, we guess?

Our question for you, dear readers—Is this get-up so wacky it's awesome? Or just wackity-wack all around? Vote in our poll below, and sound off in the comments section! We want to know what you think. Would you ever wear it?

Poll: Would you ever wear a jacket that makes you look like Spiderman?
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  • Totally, it's super-cool and different.
  • Maybe, for Halloween, if it's really cold.
  • No way, man, this is too weird.
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