Watch Fashion People Freak Out Over Bad Weather - Summer Storm Edition

One of the most entertaining things about working in fashion media in New York is when something extraordinary happens—with the weather or, like, nature. Because fashion people totally freak out and our entire Twitter feed becomes 100 percent all about the end of the world.

Right now, the sky is falling down in New York City—it went from 96 degrees, sunny and humid this morning to pitch black, lightning, thunder, and hailing this afternoon. The storm is supposed to pass by 5 p.m., but judging from our Twitter feed, it looks like fashion folks are batting down the hatches... for the long haul.

Check out some of our favorites—starting with models Selita Ebanks and Chrissy Teigen's freak out over Chrissy's Celine handbag getting wet, above.

We love the ladies over at @DKNY. They're always prepared in case of emergency—in this case, we're guessing they're planning on spending the night at HQ?

Then there's the understated @HelmutLang, where they just tell it like it is:

The folks at @Shopbop put their money on Armageddon:

Meanwhile, at @KateSpadeNY, where they, like, professionally turn lemons into lemonade, someone's got the right idea and whipped up some margaritas:

At 4 Times Square, the @LuckyMagazine editors are having their own natural disaster:

Upstairs from Lucky, Glamour magazine's Laurel Pantin @LaPantin is prepared for anything!

We especially love it when people tweet the insides of their offices—so we can check out decor ideas. Here's the team at @Styleite:

And one of our favorite people ever, the storm has put Paper Magazine's Mickey Boardman @AskMrMickey in a Gothic soap opera kind of mood:

A-list fashion stylist @Lori_Goldstein's never seen anything like this:

And, as for us here at @StyleBistro HQ (follow us on Twitter!), we're hanging in there... Here's the view out our window (it's dark out there!):

And here we are, hard at work indoors. Hope the storm blows over soon!

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