Rumor: Rihanna & Stella McCartney are Designing a Clothing Line Together

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Rihanna (
A Rihanna and Stella McCartney fashion line? Fingers crossed that this is actually happening.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, the raven-haired singer is rumored to be collaborating with the veteran designer.

And the unlikely duo apparently has a rather, um, unusal method for tapping into younger markets.

"They have been having regular chats," a source told the Daily Mail. "They call them 'mood calls.' Stella rings Rihanna and asks her to explain what has influenced her mood that day—colors, textures, patterns. Stella feels she needs to tap into a younger generation and Rihanna is happy to help."

It's a pretty bizarre way to get inspiared, but hey, if this means we'll be seeing McCartney's gorgeous creations mixed with RiRi's rocker flair...

What do you think about this rumor? Would you buy pieces from their collaboration? Let us know in the comments below!