Behold: Jackson Pollock Crocs!

Behold: Jackson Pollock Crocs!
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How do you celebrate the 100th birthday for one of America's most influential artists? With a pair of drip-painted Crocs, of course! 

Uh? Wait. What?

Yeah, that's what we thought when we stumbled across this, um, homage (?) to late painter Jackson Pollock's work, too.

According to the Crocs website, the footwear brand—loved by mall-walkers and fanny-pack-toting tourists everywhere—teamed up with New York-based Stony Brook University to create this commemorative pair of comfy goodness.

The design is based on a photo taken of Jackson Pollock's studio floor where the influential artist created his famed abstract expressionist works of art.

It's unclear why or how exactly this unlikely collaboration came about, but the Los Angeles Times reported the Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center in East Hampton will receive a royalty from each $40 pair. (Although there's no mention of this on the Crocs website.)

So, the question is, would you rock a Pollock Croc? It is for a good cause after all...