How to Fake Being British—and Maybe Land a Prince of Your Very Own

Kate and Will: the modern-day royal romance. (

Between the Royal Wedding last year and the London Olympics this summer, how many among us have daydreamed about a fairytale British wedding? Or a swishy London lifestyle? It's not as out-of-reach as you might think. Author Jerramy Fine thinks it's possible—she even wrote an entire book on how to become British (and maybe even royalty).

According to Fine's new book, The Regal Rules for Girls: How to Find Love, a Life—and Maybe Even a Lord—in London, your British version of happily-ever-after is a total no-brainer—as long as you follow her steps to becoming a polished Englishwoman. Think of it as faking it until you make it, Old Blighty style.

"Come on—do you think Kate Middleton really wanted to be an art historian?" Fine asks in her intro. "The cynics among us can complain all they want, but there is no shame in admitting your dream and going after it if deep down that's what your heart desires."

Here are 10 of our favorite fashion and beauty-related tips from Fine's book to help you social climb across the pond:

1. Classy always trumps trendy. You want to channel Kate and Pippa Middleton—think understated Sloanies, not flashy new-money. Longchamp and Mulberry are the bag-brands of choice, and heel height should never be higher than two-and-a-half inches.


2. Never vacay in the English countryside without a green pair of Hunter boots. Seriously, you don't want to mess with British rain.

3. "Fancy Dress" doesn't mean cocktail or semi-formal. "Fancy dress" actually means it's a costume party. Dress codes are taken extremely seriously in the UK, and Fine says you don't want to show up to a "Dress as Your Favorite Tube Station," party in a blinged out baby-doll dress. 

4. Always wear skirts, unless they are above or below the knee. Basically, unless you have "zero hips, slim thighs, and a tiny bottom (aka 'bum')" you'll look like a fool if you bare all in a bandage mini. 
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5. Use powder blush to achieve the ideal English rosiness. No fake baking allowed!

6. You must go to a professional and learn to apply "understated" makeup. Fine demands you go to a makeup artist and tell them you want a "natural, understated daytime look." Even Kate Middleton messes this one up once in a while with her heavy use of eyeliner.

7. Wear a "smart" and "sexy" dress to royal-hunt at nightclubs. Don't forget beautifully blown-out hair—it's a must (no wonder Kate snagged Will).
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8. If you are partaking in a Scottish Reel at a formal ball, wear the proper clan sash. That is, if you are Scottish. Those northerners take their clans very seriously.

9. A fascinator should always be worn on the side of your head. If there is draping or netting, wearing it seductively over one eye is cool too.


10. Only wear neutral shoes to a wedding (especially a royal one). Matchy-matchy is highly frowned upon.

What do you think—have these tips made you more prepared to, uh, fake being British? Sound off in the comments, below.

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