Watch: Kim Kardashian Stars in Harper's Bazaar's New YouTube Video Series

Kim Kardashian doing Laura Brown's makeup. (via YouTube).
Harper's Bazaar launched a YouTube series yesterday called The Look and it's absolutely adorable. It features features and special project director Laura Brown hosting and interviewing celebs—like Kim Kardashian and, omg, Elmo (!)—about clothes.

In the first episode of the series, Brown talks to Kardashian about things like her first major purchase and the last time she wore sweats to the airport.

"The biggest thing I ever got was when I turned 16—I got a Prada backpack," Kardashian says. "Like one of the nylon backpacks and it had one of the triangle gold symbols. I couldn't scratch it—it was my favorite piece ever. I was so excited when I got it."

She also jokes about her dressed up airport style: "No sweats anymore, it's all about a Valentino leather jacket to the airport and a Celine top."

But she does keep it semi down-to-earth when she agrees, "It's all about mixing and matching, you can't have all high-end designer stuff, you know?" We'll see it when we believe it Kimmy.

The tables are turned in the episode when Kim drags Laura to the makeup area and shows her how to make her nose shorter and her face skinnier with just a little bit of contouring.

Kardashian advises Brown to take pictures with her face pointed down to look skinnier and applies a thick "Kardashian brow." A few times while Kardashian is applying her super-secret contours, Brown jokes that she should rename herself Klaura Kardashian: "I could be the newest member of your family," she says.

Kardashian fan or not, the six-and-a-half minute episode is hilarious and entertaining. If not for Kardashian's style and beauty advice, then at least for her blank reactions to Brown's clear sarcasm. We can't wait to see who Bazaar interviews next!