Lia Sophia Launches a Teen Jewelry Line

Lia Sophia Launches a Teen Jewelry Line
Sisters "Shortcake" necklace, $34. "Light Bright" rings, $78 for a set of three. (Courtesy of Lia Sophia). America's most popular at-home jewelry retailer, Lia Sophia, is launching a teen line called "Sisters."

Lia Sophia has long used a direct-sales approach to move their baubles—women all over the country act as ambassadors (or what the brand calls "advisors") and host jewelry parties to sell the merch.

Now, with the laugh of this light and bright 49-piece collection, teens (and anyone who loves a good sparkly charm) will have the opportunity to participate in the social shopping experience. Because, let's face it, no one is ever too old for a friendship bracelet.

"The Sisters line extension is particularly relevant for us right now with over four million customers and an advisor base that is comprised of so many moms with young daughters," said Elena Kiam, Lia Sophia's creative director, in a statement.

"We are fortunate that our jewelry already appeals to fashion-savvy teens and young celebrities. With Sisters, we are able to offer a design aesthetic with a specific point of view that speaks to this group."

Lia Sophia Launches a Teen Jewelry Line
Sisters "Puppy Love," "Berry Patch," and "Parfait" bracelets; $28 each. (Courtesy of Lia Sophia). The pieces are priced between $19 and $78. The collection features stackable rings, friendship bracelets, and delicate charm necklaces. Each piece is bright and has multi-colored crystal accents.

The line will be sold through Lia Sophia Advisors starting next month through January 2013. To find an advisor near you, check out Lia Sophia's website.