Lady Gaga Looks Lovely Without Makeup

Lady Gaga Looks Lovely Without Makeup
(PacificCoastNews and via Twitter)

Lady Gaga Looks Lovely Without Makeup Lady Gaga lets loose. (via Twitter)
Lady Gaga is growing up. The pop world's most theatrical performer turns 26 Wednesday, and she's already celebrating herself, proudly sharing an intimate photo of her makeup-free face with fans with the words, "Have a beautiful day!!"

Though Gaga's gone to great extremes to keep the public from seeing her in anything but towering platform heels and the latest in avant garde headwear, she's always stressed the importance of loving oneself. She's previously argued her facial prosthetics and meat dresses are an intrinsic part of who she is, making this barefaced moment even more of a revelation.

But fear not, Little Monsters: None of this means Gaga is planning to part with her melodrama. Her subsequent tweet happened to be, "Sharon Needles looks FABULOUS 2night on drag race. Very Born This Way outfit/fame monster wig. Any rentals for my tour. #needthatbodysuit."

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