Sneak Peek: Maison Martin Margiela for H&M Men's and Women's Wear Coming November 15th

(Courtesy H&M)

Yesterday's rumor that storied Belgian-Paris fashion house Maison Martin Margiela was set to collaborate with Swedish fast-fashion retailer H&M pretty much blew up the fashion interwebs. This morning, H&M confirmed the rumors are true.

The Maison Martin Margiela for H&M collections—both men's and women's wear—will arrive in stores November 15th. And if these preview videos—check out the guy's version here and the gal's version here—are any indication, the aesthetic of the pending collaboration will err on the side of conservative, at least relative to some of Margiela's more avant garde work.

The men's video shows the sketching of a car coat—assembled using ideas and features gathered from a variety of classic car coats, rendering a final product that's both totally wearable, yet just this side of ordinary (note the asymmetrical pockets—classic Margiela). The women's video reveals a tunic-sweater sketch with what looks like perforations in the bodice and extra-long sleeves and oversized ribbing (Margiela hearts oversized-ness).

We can't wait to see what else the MMM x H&M team come up with. Which classical Margiela pieces do you hope H&M replicates? What would you line up in the morning to buy? Tell us in the comments.
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