Kylie Jenner Will Walk the Runway at New York Fashion Week (Again)

(Photos by Getty) Kylie Jenner walks in the Abbey Dawn STYLE360 Spring 2012 fashion show, right.

Kylie Jenner (Getty)
Far from her agnsty punk-rock days, Avril Lavigne is keeping things very uncomplicated for her upcoming Abbey Dawn show at Fashion Week.

According to a report in People Stylewatch, the singer-turned-designer has invited Kylie Jenner—little sis of ex-BF Brody Jenner—to walk in her fashion show for STYLE360's Fashion Week once again.

Normally this wouldn't be that big of a deal, but considering Lavigne shocked us all last week when she announced an out-of-nowhere engagement to Nickleback frontman Chad Kroeger, we honestly don't know what to expect anymore.

We do know, however, a Kardashian invasion will probably take New York by storm on September 10th, when Abbey Dawn hits the stage.

Let's just hope for Kylie's sake that Kanye keeps his katwalk kritiques to a mininum.

Are you surprised to see that Kylie is still walking in Lavigne's show? And are you a fan of the brand? Share your thoughts in the comments!