Rachel Antonoff, Chris Benz, and Erin Fetherston Dish on Their First Fashion Weeks

(Getty images, PacificCoastNews.com)

It's hard to imagine that the big time designers who show at Fashion Week were once nervous and starstruck fashion-lovers just like the rest of us. But, thanks to Fashionologie, we learned that they, too, had their not-so-glamorous starts, hilarious mishaps, and awestruck celebrity run-ins.

Like before there was Fashion GPS—an invite on your email you can easily forward to your intern or friend—Erin Fetherston had a bootleg copy of a fashion week invite. At the time, she was a magazine intern, and the art department made her its very own knockoff.

"The art department got a copy of someone else's invitation and they basically made a bootleg copy for me — but totally using their amazing art production equipment!," Erin Fetherston told Fashionologie.

Ever drop your phone in the toilet? Rachel Antonoff did too—two days before her show. "Dropping my BlackBerry in the toilet two days before the show jumps to mind," Antonoff told Fashionologie of her most memorable Fashion Week moment. "That was terrible."

Chris Benz first experienced Fashion Week at Marc Jacobs Spring 2002 show. But the after party was much more memorable than the show. "I remember all the models dancing on tables and having the best time ever," Chris Benz said.

Last but not least, Kaelen Haworth bumped into Chloe Sevigny on the bathroom line and told her to go first:
Anyway, a stall freed up, and I kind of hesitated and then said, 'Do you, uh, you should first.' She looked at me like I was crazy and said, 'Why would I jump in front of you? You have to pee too, right?' At which point I realized I had just offered for her to go ahead of me based simply on the fact that I thought she was cooler than me — I thought right — and therefore I should have to wait.
As for me, I remember seeing Sophia Bush (I was, after all, a HUGE One Tree Hill fan), nervously approaching her, and murmuring the question of whether or not I could take a picture of her (and with her, of course). Oh, did I mention I was wearing a ginormous velvet bow on the top of my head? Yup.

We're dying to know—what's your first fashion memory? Let us know all the juicy details below in the comments!