No, Moises de la Renta Will Not Get You Tickets to His Dad's Fashion Show

(Getty Images) Moises de la Renta with Betsey Johnson

Oscar de la Renta (Getty)
It's not easy having a designer for a dad—just ask Moises de la Renta.

According to a report in Page Six, fans of his father's fashion label—yes, Oscar de la Renta—keep begging Moises for Fashion Week tickets to his dad's show on September 11th.

And he's pretty peeved about it to say the least. Oscar's disgruntled kin recently posted this rant on his Facebook page:
Haha lol mad peeps asking me top go to #ODLR show this season but where were u when [bleep] was crazy . . . ! Nowhere! So go find ur own invites, fake ass punks . . . PS my name is Moises not Oscar and I’m not in the PR business so see you guys in hell [bleeps]! #lmfao #sweetrevenge.
Just in case it wasn't clear—Moises will not give you fashion week tickets. Got it?

Do you think he freaked out just a little too much? Or was his Facebook rant justified? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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