The Top 10 Moments from 'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 19, Episode 3

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In every season of America's Next Top Model, there's one episode that evokes more tears and histrionics than most—The Makeover Episode. Somehow, even though the girls are well aware of the impending cuts and colors (there have been 19 cycles, after all) there was still a double-dose of weepy drama on ANTM last night.

There was a twist this year—for the first time in ANTM history, the girls could choose whether or not they wanted a makeover. But, of course, they had to make that decision before they were shown the look chosen for them.

Read on for our top ten vulgar, shocking, and absurd moments from last night's episode: "The Girl Who Wants Out."

10) Models can turn down makeovers: Is this a Jedi mind-trick? Yes, apparently the girls were allowed to opt out of makeovers. But obvs that would be really dumb-slash-get them kicked out. Victoria and Maria didn't seem to get that memo...

9) Rob Evans calling himself a Greek god
We'd say that's an accurate description of this picture—he's sexy and he knows it.

8) Victoria calling home to her mom crying home some more:

It wouldn't be a proper episode of ANTM cycle 19 without Victoria—aka Homeschool Girl—calling her "mama," crying hysterically, and wondering if she's staying "true to herself." You see, initially Victoria turns the makeover down to "stay true" to her Cherokee/jewish roots—because, as you know, uh, haircuts are totally forbidden in both those cultures... or something? In the end, she lets her hair curl, so it's almost like she went for the makeover.

7) P'Trique pops in to deliver Tyra mail: As if the ANTM promo video without P'Trique wasn't enough, she pops into the salon—tin foil in hair and all—to deliver the Tyra mail that basically says: "Tomorrow you're going to get nakey for the camera."

6) Tyra teasing Darian that she might actually stay: And the poor girl actually believed it! Nope Darian, you aren't staying, but you will have the chance to compete on a web series to come back. Woot?

5) Kiara calling herself a "Real ass bitch" as she argues with Darian

We're still a bit confused as to what a "real ass bitch" is, exactly. As Victoria asks on screen, "what type of argument is that?"

4) Destiny interpreting her short haircut as a "lesbian" hair cut:
She really doesn't want people to think she's a lesbian (her words, not ours). Doesn't she know that according to lesbian chic is in?

3) Maria saying "hellllll no" to the makeover:


Like many of the girls wondered, is this girl the stupidest smart girl ever? After all, she does go to Harvard (grad school)—we never forget this fact about her  because "Harvard" is every other word out of her mouth. Even if you can turn down the makeover, didn't she learn after NINETEEN whole seasons of ANTM that if you protest a makeover, it never works out. Never. Plus, as Kelly Cutrone says to her. “With all due respect, you are represented by a little mosquito agency that has no real impact in the fashion world,” Cutrone said to her. “You’re really committed to defending mediocrity.

This is Kelly's face as she tells Maria she's defending mediocrity:



2) Maria calls Kelly Cutrone a c*&%: Girl, don't you go to Harvard (grad school)? You should be smarter than to majorly diss one of the fashion industry's finest. Plus, no one should ever, EVER, say that word—at least on network television. First of all, you're getting bleeped. And second of all, it's totally trashy.

1) Maria leaving the show because she's just not that into modeling: One question for you Maria, why did then you take a spot from the Cat Girl we so vehemently loved?


Stay tuned for next week when the models try to act for Tyler Perry. That should be interesting.

What'd you think of this week's episode? Are you sad to see the potty-mouthed Maria leave? Let us know what you think in the comments!