Super-Easy DIY: Miu Miu-Inspired Glitter Platform Heels for Under $50, Part 1


Ever since Miu Miu's glitter booties hit the fashion scene last fall, there's been a serious demand for all things glitter. After the initial suede and glitter peep-toe booties, Miu Miu came out with even more sparkling styles.

Check out these platform pumps from the brand's fall 2012 collection:

                                                         The Miu Miu design we're emulating.

Since owning a piece of the designer's shimmer can cost you a lot of dough, here is how you can recreate one of the Miu Miu glitter pumps (like the one above) for under $50!

What you will need:

First, you'll need a platform pump. We bought Brash's Jupiter Platform Sandal ($17), which was on sale at Payless. You will also need fabric glue that dries clear, silver glitter, a paper plate, and a small to medium-sized paint brush.

1. Pour some glue onto a paper plate.

You don't want to apply the glue directly onto the shoe, because it won't spread evenly. Make sure you have a paper plate (and a lot of paper towels! We promise you, the glitter will get everywhere) to keep the glue off of whatever surface you're working on. It will also work as a great pallete for your paint brush!

2. Dip the brush in glue and paint the inside of the heel.


Make sure you get a good amount of glue on the inside of the heel but don't glop on too much. You want the coat of glue to be even, so once the glitter is on it doesn't drip down.

3. Pour glitter onto the heel.


Don't be afraid to dump a lot more glitter than you think is necessary. And make sure you pour it over the plate! Unless you want to bedazzle your work table...

4. Shake excess glitter off the heel onto the plate.


It's easiest to gently tap the top of the heel above the plate. If you notice some glitter missing or uneven spots once the extra glitter is off, feel free to take the brush, gently apply a little extra glue and glitter—since the glue will dry clear, it's ok to paint on top of existing glitter!

And voila! You're done. To ensure the glitter doesn't fly around everywhere, once the heel is dry, add a another coat of clear glue over the glitter.


Do you like Miu Miu's glittery pumps? Would you want to recreate this shoe for yourself? Let us know what you think in the comments!