Controversial Garments of the Day: Jeremy Scott's Bart Simpson Knitwear

Here's something slightly aburdist for which we'd gladly save our pennies—Jeremy Scott's Bart Simpson wool knit jumper, $410, and skirt, $318, both available at Colette.

Anyone who came of brand (and cartoon) consciousness in the 90s will remember how Bart Simpson T-shirts were, like, the thing to have—especially if you were a tween. Remember how they were $30+ dollars—which was really expensive for a T-shirt back then? And then, because they were such a major trend, counterfeits started springing up everywhere? I remember getting my first-ever "Cowabunga Dude" tee for $5 at a dodgy corner store in Queens that also sold fake, uh, Liz Claiborne logo purses (it was the early-90s, okay?).

Anyway, if you're nostalgic for a little Bart in your life, and if you have a few hundred dollars burning a hole in your pocket, check out avant garde designer Jeremy Scott's fall 2012 statement knits—featuring lots of floating Bart-heads. We kind of love it! Do you?

Poll: Would you wear Jeremy Scott's Bart Simpson knits?
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  • Totally! Who doesn't love Bart Simpson?
  • No way, they're too silly for me.
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