Gucci Launches GG Flag Collection for UNICEF

GG by Gucci luggage bag. (Courtesy of Gucci)

Just in time for the Olympics, Gucci's just announced it will launch a GG Flag Collection to celebrate UNICEF's "Schools for Asia" initiative.

The brand is making an initial $350,000 donation in the name of its children's line toward UNICEF. An additional 25 percent of the proceeds from this new GG Flag Collection will go towards sending little girls and orphans across Asia to school.

This is the seventh year Gucci has partnered with UNICEF, and they are the organization's first major corporate partner to support the "Schools for Asia" initiative—an educational project dedicated to providing underprivileged children in Asia and the Pacific with a quality basic education.

"The new initiative will give children, especially girls, orphans and those living in extreme poverty the chance for a better start in life," said Leila Pakkala, Director of UNICEF's Private Fundraising and Partnerships Division.

"Gucci's expanded commitment to supporting education will help to equip children across both Africa and Asia with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to shape better futures for themselves, their communities."

The label's Creative Director Frida Giannini designed the line of flag-stamped T-shirts and accessories, which sport large international flag motifs over Gucci's signature logo print.

The mens T-shirt (below) is one of many gray tees with a large GG graphic—the shirt is also available in flag designs for the UK, Germany, Italy, and Russia.

(courtesy of Gucci)
The line also includes a zip-around wallet, a medium-sized tote bag, and Gucci's signature "Boston," bag. All of these designs feature the flag GG, calf-skin top handles and trim.

(Courtesy of Gucci)

(courtesy of Gucci)

(Courtesy of Gucci)

We think fashion for a cause is the best kind of fashion (and it doesn't hurt that the Flag Collection looks really cool too).

What do you think of these designer bags for UNICEF? Which piece is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!