Pierre Sarkozy Models for Mr. Porter

(All photos courtesy of Mr. Porter)

Mr. Porter launched Issue 73 of Journal, its super-cool men's style guide today and the cover guy is one Pierre Sarkozy—DJ and son of France's former President Nicolas Sarkozy and step-son of 90s supermodel Carla Bruni.

No surprise, then, that Pierre has a look and style all his own. Check out some shots from his Journal spread:

Pierre's DJed all over the world, but only recently did he play his first gig in Paris, his hometown.

"When my father was president I didn't want that to be the big issue," he tells Mr. Porter. "I wanted to prove my value outside of France first. Now I can play in France because I've showed people that I'm good at what I do, and not because of who I am."

Pretty cute, non?

You might be surprised to hear that Pierre's style icons aren't the usual swashbuckling movie stars or cooler-than-cool fashion guys.

"Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future is my style icon," he says. "And Johnny Depp in 21 Jump Street. I still have the pump-up sneakers that Michael J. Fox wears. Yeah, I promise. They're hard to find, but I have many pairs of pump-ups."

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