Behold: Box Wine in a Handbag

Behold: Box Wine in a Handbag

For anyone who ever thought box wine was declasse—Vernissage has news for you! The Swedish company will be launching three boxed varietals and blends Stateside in the next few weeks—and, alongwith, will be pioneering its bag-in-a-bag packaging concept.

Fashion-forward box wine packaging! What do you think?

According to NPR, Vernissage wll be selling a Charonnay Viognier (the white purse), a Cabernet Shiraz (the black purse), and a Rose (the pink purse). The "handbags" will come in two different sizes—1.5-liter, for $20; and 3-liter, for $40.

Check out the bag-wines, below:
Behold: Box Wine in a Handbag

What do you think? Do you drink wine from a box? Do these change your mind? If anything, there's definitely some kitsch value here—we wouldn't be embarrassed bringing this to someone's housewarming, the packaging is so cute. Tell us what you think in the comments section below.
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