Katy Perry Quits Goth, Gets a New Flapper-Inspired Look


Well, that was a short Goth phase! Katy Perry turned up at the City of Hope Music and Entertainment Industry Group Honors' event Tuesday night in full-on 1920s flapper-inspired gear (has someone been watching Downton Abbey? Hmmm.).

Anyway, in case you missed it (or already forgot), this is what Katy looked like as of late last week:

What do you think of Katy Perry's brand-new look? Which style do you prefer—Goth or 1920s flapper? Let's put it to a vote, shall we.

Poll: Which of Katy Perry's Looks do You Prefer?
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  • I like her 1920s-inspired look better.
  • I like her Goth phase! Why'd she ditch it so fast?
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