Madonna's Little Brother is Launching a Shoe Line Called 'The Ciccone Collection'

(Getty) Christopher Ciccone, left, and his famous sister, right.

Madonna's not the only Ciccone launching a shoe line—her Truth or Dare brand recently debuted some tough-girl-chic styles at London's Selfridges—her little brother, Christopher Ciccone is cashing in on women's accessories as well.

The Ciccone Collection, Christopher Ciccone's new line of rubber boots, is set to debut this fall at London Fashion Week. Created in collaboration with Novesta, a Slovakian shoe company, The Ciccone Collection will be both "fashionable yet functional" and will be constructed of leather, canvas, and rubber.

The Telegraph reports that the shoes will be "groundbreaking" because of the way they're made—using a "scrollwork layering process" that gives them a 3D effect.

Designing shoes is "not so different from designing a home, a stage or a piece of furniture," Christopher Ciccone told the paper. "People have to be able to live in them."
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