Ed Westwick Is So Hot—But What's Up With His Mustache?

For those of you (cough cough, us) who still watch Gossip Girl when you (we) shouldn't be, it's most likely because Ed Westwick is a major hottie. 

So when we spotted him at Men's Milan Fashion Week both walking the Philipp Plein runway, and upholding his duties as Plein's campaign star, we were appalled to find an awkwardly thin and triangular tuft of hair right above the lips we so often suffer through hours of CW programming pretending to kiss. 

This is the last straw. What is UP with guys and mustaches these past few years? We get that you are trying to go for this sinister, sexy, mature look, but all you are doing is making every girl in the world not want to make out with you. 

If you were given the gift of perfectly structured facial features, don't destroy them with prickly patches of hair that you think make you more of a man. Take it from us girls, who value both style and fine pieces of man candy. If aint broke, don't fix it. Aka don't grow a mustache.

P.S. Ed Westwick we still love you no matter what, but we may just have to wait until you shave to fantasize about macking you.