How Not to Be Embarrassed by Your Workout Clothes

Bunheads Season 1 Episode 3
'Bunheads' reminds us of the danger of wearing leotards. (FAM)more pics »As if the act of working out isn't brutal enough, breaking a sweat in something as cringe-inducing as a leotard is too cruel for words. Fortunately, there is a way to avoid the shame of exposing your thighs to the masses in skimpy spandex.

1. Seek Celebrity InspirationHow Not to Be Embarrassed by Your Workout Clothes
(Flynet Pictures)

Take a cue from one of these stylish gym frequenters. A jean jacket and aviators elevate Mila Kunis' leggings, while Ashley Tisdale keeps things playful with a flirty graphic tank. And as for Nicole Richie, we can guarantee nobody is thinking about how your butt looks in those pants when you're carrying a Birkin (yes, that's her gym bag).

2. Just Don't

How Not to Be Embarrassed by Your Workout Clothes(Flynet Pictures)

It's unclear whether this is a bathing suit or a romper, but either way, never work out in this. Ever.

3. Invest in Flattering Pieces
How Not to Be Embarrassed by Your Workout Clothes
(Lululemon, Jockey)

The recipe for a foolproof workout outfit is as follows: one pair of thick (read: no cellulite) leggings + a supportive sports bra +  a matching track jacket. Bonus points for cool sneakers.

4. Consider Spandex-Optional Sports
Carrie+Underwood in In The Dugout At City Of Hope's 2012 Celebrity Softball Challenge
(Getty Images)more pics »How cute does Carrie Underwood look in a softball uniform? If the thought of leggings still makes you want to cry, there's always hockey, basketball or even fencing to consider–which may come with a silly outfit, but who cares when nobody can see your face?

5. Stay Inside
Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 1
 (FAM)more pics And last but not least, the odds of embarrassing yourself in unsightly exercise gear are greatly reduced if you just stay put on the couch, in which case, call over some friends and toast to the joy of never getting caught in public wearing a leotard.

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