OMG Mindblowing Etsy Product Alert! Mermaid Tails You Can Actually Swim In!

(Photo via Monika Naumann)

Looking to make a splash at the beach (or on your next float trip), but every swimsuit you've stumbled upon is just way too ordinary and cliche? Well guys, this is your lucky day.

Behold: Swimmable mermaid tails! The fastest way to make you stand out from, um, the other fish in the sea.

Created by a mom of three whose daughters' infinite love for mermaids were seemingly unsinkable, Monika Naumann is now helping you, too, rock the Ariel look. The mystical swimwear is available on Etsy and comes in five different sparkly shades: Green, red, blue, orange, and fushia-pink.

We're not exactly sure how "swimmable" the suits really are (maybe these would work better for Halloween?), but the concept is pretty incredible. What do you guys think? Would you ever wear a mermaid fin—for a costume or otherwise? Share your thoughts below!