Guess Who Wears the Highest Heels in Europe?

(Photo by Getty Images)

High heels. (Walt Disney Studios)
If you've ever wondered who owns all those immaculate shoe closets on Pinterest, chances are they belong to the well-heeled women of Wearside.

According to a report in the Sunderland Echo, ladies residing in the Northeastern area of England step high above their European counterparts in terms of heel height. (The district has "wear" in it. How could they not be fashionable?)

After conducting a study, a European foot-care company found that Wearside women's shoes clocked in at an average of 3.46 inches high. French gals stumbled in comparison, measuring in at an average of only 2.4 inches.

The report also notes that "British women are statistically shorter than most European women, and the research argues this is why women in the UK wear the highest heels of all."

Well, whatever the reason, if you plan to step foot in Britain anytime soon you better bring your A-game—and some Band-Aids.