Would You Pay $89 For a James Franco-Designed T-Shirt?

(Photo by Getty)

James Franco (Getty)
Seriously, is there anything James Franco can't do? The actor-turned-filmmaker-cum-student-lecturer is now T-shirt designer for Seven for All Mankind.

Actually, we take that back. It seems like there's one small thing he can't do after all—price a T-shirt. He wants us to drop $89—yes, 89 big ones—on the printed cotton designs.

According to an article in WWD, the line is composed of four styles, and each tee features a Polaroid-printed image taken by Franco as he filmed the brand's fall ad campaign. The hems are accented with the actor's signature. Take a sneak peek here.

The line is set to debut in the denim brand's stores and online on September 6th—aka Fashion's Night Out.

Maybe he should've checked with Gwyneth Paltrow to see how those $90 GOOP tees are doing. But then again, the images are stunning, and who wouldn't want to walk around in James Franco's tee, right?

The question begs, would you buy an $89 Franco-designed tee? Let's put it to a vote, shall we?

Poll: Would You Pay $89 for a T-Shirt Designed by James Franco?
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  • Absolutely! I love his films and style.
  • No way! That's too much for a tee.