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Remember your wedding day and how happy you were to see your partner waiting at the end of the aisle? Now go back even further to your first date and all those jitters. We're sure there were plenty of incredible moments in between and there's no reason the enthusiasm should stop just because you're married.

Whether you feel like your relationship could use more excitement or you're just stuck doing the same things each week, it's time to examine your routines. Are you making time to date your spouse? If so, are you doing something new or just defaulting to the classic restaurant and movie combo?

When things get predictable, it's time to rediscover the spark that started it all. Ready for some inspiration? Pretend like you're not actually married and plan regular dates where you try to impress each other. Get dolled up. Scour your community for fun events. Take interest in what your partner likes. And, start clicking for some fabulous ideas.