Dating Dealbreaker: Headbands

Dating Dealbreaker: Headbands

It's pretty much a universal fact that guys love how women look wearing one of their old T-shirts. Decidedly less sexy, however, is when men borrow hair accessories from their better halves.

Whether Tom Brady's cringe-inducing headband originally belonged to Gisele or not, it's probably the handsome NFLer's worst look to date (yes, even worse than his Bieber 'do).

And Matthew, we're not sure if Camila signed off on your collection of curl-securing headgear, but the ladies of our office have not, so kindly knock it off.

Remember how David Beckham used to be all about headbands? It didn't really work for him. And then remember how Leonardo DiCaprio also tried to rock the look? It wasn't pretty.

What should this message send to the masses, you ask?

If your hair is so very long that it requires some sort of accessory to keep it in line, headbands are not the answer—haircuts are.

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