Dating Dealbreaker: The Mank


Can you guess which of these men received a rose?
There were plenty of really good reasons for Emily Maynard to finally ditch Ryan on this week's episode of The Bachelorette, but let's be honest, this outfit, above, was the final straw.

As a close friend recently taught me: Man + Tank Top = Mank, which is just another word for dating suicide. Seriously, who wants to date someone who looks better in a halter top than they do?

Yes, it's summer and temperatures are soaring, guys, but we took an informal poll around the office and it's official: Liam Hemsworth is the only man in the world who can get away with wearing a mank. So please fellas, if there is anything to learn from Ryan (other than the perils of overly manicured facial hair), let it be that forcing everyone around you to attend the gun show is simply not the way to land a rose or lady.

Tell us, ladies: Are men in tank tops ever a do?
Poll: Are you for or against manks?
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