Dating Dealbreaker: The Fanny Pack

Dating Dealbreaker: The Fanny Pack
Alex Reid, Stefan "RedFoo" Gordy (Bauer Griffin, PacificCoastNews)

Dating Dealbreaker: The Fanny Pack Simply put, the 1980s are the era that refuses to die. Whether it's leggings, neon, crop-tops or side ponytails, some trend from the over-the-top decade seems to come back into vogue every season.

The worst offender by far (other than larger-than-life '80s hair) is the fanny pack.

And while the look is pretty questionable even on an envelope pusher like Rihanna, a fanny pack is downright disturbing when spotted on a dude. If a murse (man + purse= murse) is troubling, then the fanny pack is dating suicide.

Whether you're a tourist, a hip hop superstar, or even Leonardo DiCaprio, there is never an acceptable excuse for wearing such a nerdy and out-of-date accessory.

If you don't know what to do with your stuff, consider carrying less, or perhaps stashing items in your girlfriend's purse. You don't have a girlfriend, you say? Well we can assure you, if you continue sporting a fanny pack, you never will.

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